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love at first sip

The whip that does more! Take it to the top with Rich's® ready-to-whip and pre-whipped toppings.
Rich's Beverages: Love at First Sip

From gourmet coffees to milkshakes, specialty cappuccinos, lattes and teas, Rich’s® smooth, creamy toppings will have your customers craving more. With our wide range of ready-to-whip and pre-whipped toppings, there’s a delicious dollop for every operation.

Not Just a Topping

Operators can see a vast profit increase by offering coffee at three different price points: plain, topped, or topped and paired with a bakery item. Rich’s toppings make it easy to create a delicious and customizable beverage that pairs perfectly with menu offerings.
With the ability to span dayparts and hot to cold beverages, Rich’s ready-to-whip and pre-whipped toppings can be used as a component in many recipes that are sure to satisfy.
For customers who are looking for unique and customizable beverages, Rich’s flexible and versatile toppings and base products turn any beverage into the ultimate creation.
Our ready-to-whip and pre-whipped toppings are equipped with packaging that ensures virtually 100% yield to maximize profits and minimize waste while whipping 4 times their volume for more cost-effective dollops.


Beverage Recipes

Capture your share of the market now by offering your customers a variety of delicious recipes that will satisfy every taste.


Rich’s Beverage Flip Book

Rich's Beverage Flip Book

Click here to receive your complementary beverage flip book for ideas and custom creations.