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On Top Handling Instructions


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On Top and other Pre-Whipped Toppings (bags).

Rich's On Top® is a pre-whipped, non-dairy topping that's versatile and easy to use. Follow these handling tips for perfect results every time.

On Top Whipped Topping


  • Store product frozen at 0° F or below. Product has a frozen shelf life of 12 months.


  • Thaw in the refrigerator or refrigerated server station overnight. Never refreeze product. Product has a refrigerated shelf life of 2 weeks, if unopened.
  • If topping bag is not empty at the close of business day, cover decorator tip with one of the caps supplied in the master shipper or use plastic wrap. Keep refrigerated.


  • Holding the bag firmly at the narrow end between the decorator tip and the “Pull Here” tab, pull the tab at the perforation to open the bag. Do not cut with scissors

  • Push the pastry tip through the perforation to position the tip. Be sure the teeth of the tip come all the way through the opening so you dispense a cleanly cut design.



  • Twist the top (wide end) of the bag like a tourniquet.

  • For smaller hands, twist from the center of the bag.

  • To dispense, squeeze the top (wide end) of the bag, using your other hand to guide the tip as you make your dollop in a circular motion or to hold the bag steady while squeezing the top (wide end) of the bag. For best results, avoid excess handling of the bag and return to the refrigerator after each use.


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On Top & Other Pre-Whipped Toppings
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Whether it’s a hot dessert or an icy cold sundae or shake, On Top® delivers the perfect creamy finish customers are looking for. Rich's has the perfect On Top® solution for your menu application.

On Top family of products

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