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Rich’s® Ready-to-Whip Toppings - Proper Handling


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Rich's® Ready-to-Whip Topping

Proper handling for optimum performance.

Great results from Rich's® Ready-to-Whip Toppings start with simple and proper handling. From storing to whipping, it's easy to see why our toppings offer more flexibility, convenience and consistency than dairy cream.

Pour it

Liquid Topping should arrive frozen and be stored frozen, 0 to -10° F.

24-Hour Thaw
Do NOT force-thaw from frozen with hot water or microwave. Thaw in refrigerator (35–45° F) for 24 to 48 hours.

Shake it Up
Shake carton well before pouring into clean, dry bowl.

Optimum Temperature of Liquid: 45-50° F
Best results are achieved when the liquid topping is whipped at optimum temperature.

The Proper Amount: 1/4 Full
Pour in enough liquid to cover the lower 1/4 of the wire whip. Liquid should not exceed 20% of bowl capacity.

Medium Power
Set mixer power to #2 on a 3-speed, or #6 on a 10-speed mixer (Note: higher speeds may decrease overrun, and/or stability.)

6 to 8 minutes
Whip the liquid for 6 to 8 minutes until the shine of glossy appearance disappears, and soft peaks form, or until product reaches desired consistency.

Freezing is OK, Refreezing is Not
Whipped toppings may be frozen. Leftover liquid should not be refrozen, but may be returned to the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

* If using Rich's® Whipped Topping Base, mix 2 parts of Whipped Topping Base to 1 part cream, juice and/or water.


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