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Rich’s® Ready-to-Whip Toppings


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Rich's Ready to Whip Toppings

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Rich's Ready to Whip Toppings

Rich’s® Ready-to-Whip Toppings offer consistency and performance to make any dessert a home run. Here are some tips to make sure every bowl you whip is the absolute best it can be.

Low Volume • Overfilling whipping bowl capacity • Fill bowl to 25%
Slow to Whip • Overfilled bowl
• Liquid product too cold
• Equipment issues
• Fill bowl to 25% capacity
• Whip toppings at 45–50°F
• Replace missing wires on whip
Foaming • Overfilling whipping bowl
• Whipping product too cold
• Whip liquids at 45–50°F
Weeping • Liquid product too cold
• Whipping at too high of a speed
• Whip liquids at 45–50°F
• Whip at medium speed
Separates • Whipping at too high of a speed • Whip at medium speed
Shiny/Pitted Surface • Liquid product too cold to whip • Whip liquids at 45–50°F
Watery • Liquid product too cold • Whip liquids at 45–50°F
Sliding Off • Liquid product too cold • Whip liquids at 45–50°F
Cracking/Bulging • Topping applied to frozen cake
• Whipping at too high of a speed
• Over-whipping
• Thaw cake before use
• Whip at medium speed
• Whip to soft peaks
Off Taste • Product picking up flavor from
freezer or refrigerator
• Store open liquid or whipped products
in covered containers
Curdled Appearance • Addition of acidic ingredients • If product thaws, do not refreeze
• Add less acidic ingredients
Too Stiff • Over-whipping
• Whipping at incorrect temperature
• More liquid product may be added
while whipping
• Whip liquids at 45–50°F


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A foodservice legend since 1948, the famous “blue can” has now become an easy-to-use carton. Same smooth, rich flavor that works like magic in all sorts of signature desserts. Decadent mousses, perfect cream pies and fillings for puffed pastries—luscious, creamy desserts are wonderful and easy with Rich’s Whip Topping®.

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