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Pork Tenderloin Monte Cristo | Rich's Foodservice




3 ounces Rich's Double-Rub Pork BBQ

2 slices Rich's Rich's Italian Panini Bread

2 ounces Water

1 each Large egg

2 ounces Neufchatel Cheese

2 ounces Whole Cranberry Sauce

6 leaves Basil leaves, fresh


  1. Whip egg with water and dip bread into egg mixture and grill on both sides until golden brown, allow to cool
  2. On one slice of the bread spread cheese and cranberry sauce
  3. Top with sliced cooked pork and fresh basil leaves
  4. When ready to serve, brush sandwich lightly with melted butter or margarine
  5. Grill approximately 4 minutes and final cooking temperature must reach 165. for 15 seconds
  6. Sprinkle powder sugar on top of sandwich


1 serving

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