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Beverage Program

Beverage Blueprint

Build your own beverage topping program and deliver the DIY delight that consumers are craving. From cold brews and cappuccinos to F’real blended beverages — Rich’s has the solutions for your operation’s topping needs.

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mytop™ Whipped Topping & dispenser

Consumers expect customizable beverages. Our mytop™ Whipped Topping Dispenser allows you to exceed that expectation.

The mytop™ dispenser delivers DIY delight using the same delicious whipped topping currently in thousands of restaurants worldwide. Turn common consumers into loyal cravers by allowing them to top off their own beverages with picture perfect dollops of whipped topping.

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mytop™ Whipped Topping

mytop™ Whipped Topping

The f'real deal

Blended beverages without the mess, hassle, or expense.

Our partner, F’real, is the innovation leader in the frozen blended beverage game, providing operators with quick, easy and affordable, customizable specialty beverages.

Brand. Blend. Serve.

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